Some samples of what people say about our horses and services

Elise Jackson

Swing Time Mosaic ~ Ridden by Elise Jackson

I came across Mosaic while helping out my friend with her other horse.

He had such a playful personality, always playing with the dogs or rubbing his face on the cat. He was so easy to start the breaking process and he and I hit it off so I purchased him in march 2014.

He has just been fully broken and we are hoping to commence a dressage career with him shortly.

Swing Time Cazoo & Ashleigh Unban

Swing Time Cazoo & Ashleigh Unban

Yes I am very VERY happy with Cazoo. He is the perfect horse!

I’ve only had him for a few months, so I’ve just been doing Pony Club, Hack Shows and some Associate days with him, and next year I’m joining EA and Interschool!

 So some of his achievements so far are:
Moggill Prelim Dressage Champion (69.2% and 68%)
Redcliffe Prelim Dressage Champion (72.4% and 67.7%)
Gumdale Novice Dressage Champion (74% and 69%)
RASDEG Official Members Day Novice Champion (69.66% and 68%)
Dressage @ Doomben High Point Rasdeg Combination (68% and 72%)
RASDEG Twilight Hack Show- Supreme Champion Hack
Oxenford Hack Show- Champion Open Hack and Champion Rider

As you can see me and Cazzy have been very busy!

That’s his main ones where he has done very well! He is such a good boy, he has never put a foot wrong for me. I love him to bits!

I work for Melanie (Whyte), and I always used to tell Mel how much I loved Cazoo, his cheeky personality and some of the things he would do was just so funny. Like when I would be walking towards him with his feed, he would lift his front leg as high as he could and just hold it in the air, he is such a character.

From the first day I worked at Mels, I just loved him. I never thought I would have the opportunity to own such an amazing horse like Cazoo.

Cazoo is such a princess now, he is spoilt rotten!

He has to be fed first in the mornings, other wise he kicks the stable door and gets very cranky!

Ashleigh Unban Swing Time Cazoo

Swing Time Copper

Swing Time Copper &
Sandra Trott

In mid 2007 I had finally saved enough $$ to purchase my first ‘non ex-racehorse’ and so embarked on what I thought would be a relatively simple search for a nice moving, young horse with a good temperament, that had been well started and had good feet. Simple! I thought…I now have 47 video’s at home of various horses that on paper (in mags, internet, word of mouth) sounded likely candidates. I looked in a price category up to $30,000 since prices are often a wish list and I first needed to identify a horse with the characteristics I needed.

In the end I only went to see 2 horses – Swing Time Copper and another horse (the other horse didn’t even compare to Copper). The rest of the video footage in the most part was of horses ridden on the forehand, fussy mouths, unhappy, bottled up, lazy and VERY uneven behind…need I say more. On the other hand, I sent an email to Sandra Trott with a list of my requirements (as above, not a long list!) and she immediately got back to me with details of 2 young horses she had.

She then sent comprehensive video footage of both showing them under saddle and also free jumping. The horses were both very nice types, lovely moving, had good limbs and looked HAPPY! They were being ridden in such a suitable young horse fashion – forward, soft & relaxed. Both had a great jump and both had fabulous movement. I have subsequently purchased one and couldn’t be happier. He is 3 ½ yrs old so still a baby but, the walk, the trot, the canter (esp. the canter!) are just so fabulous. Big, straight and balanced.

I have never worked with such a balanced young horse. At the vet-check the vet was blown away by how supple Max ( the new name for Copper – sorry Sandra, that was my husbands bit of input, renaming the horse!) is, he had never seen a horse so supple and loose. His temperament is divine – he’s no sloth but takes everything so well and accepts things, you generally only have to explain things to him once and he ‘gets it’! He is the type of horse that does notice and look at strange things (as any young horse does) but he wants to go towards things and check them out – I LOVE that in a horse!

I would thoroughly recommend Swing Time horse to anyone looking to purchase a horse – Sandra and her family have great common-sense horse skills and so the horses are brilliant to handle & ride. Max has come to me good to catch, lead, ties up well, good with his feet and is excellent to ride. Add to that the fact that Sandra gets the info to you quickly and is honest. Trust me, after 47 videos and 100’s of conversations with horse-dealers, the Swing Time organisation is really great to deal with.

When I look to purchase my next horse I will go to Swing Time first!

Angela Hammond Swing Time Copper

Swing Time Goblin

Swing Time Goblin &
Sandra Trott

I believe that our horses find us. Swing Time Goblin is a 5 year old warmblood cross stockhorse bred by Sandra, that found me via horse deals in the midst of the EI crisis. Not a great time to be buying or selling a horse, but from the moment I viewed his video I knew he was one very special horse.

I event and compete in dressage and needed an athletic all rounder with a great trainable temperament and lots of spunk. Goblin is all this and more. He had shown his talent for dressage prior to my purchase and is now doing his schooling showjumping and cross country, showing huge potential and absolutely loved by all his instructors.

I plan to spend the first half of this year training and doing as many clinics and schools as I can then start his official competitions in the later part of the year. Sandra conducts her business extremely professionally and he after sales service and support is amazing. I feel like I am now apart of the Swing Time family and hope to make them very proud of us in the years to come.

Kieran Bickley-Stewart Swing Time Goblin

Swing Time Camelot

Swing Time Camelot

He is such an amazing horse. He is always surprising me with bigger movement, I never believed he could move like that, even my trainer is excited and thinks he is world class.

Thank you so much! He also free jumps really nicely and was very easy to break in, not one buck and absolutely no spook ever. He was very sensible and I definitely recommend Calibre to anyone. He is still growing and is already 16.2hh and we think will be at least 17hh.

Thanks again for my beautiful boy.

Leesa McGill Swing Time Camelot

Swing Time Cazoo

Melanie Wyeth &
Swing Time Cazoo

I have recently purchased Swing Time Cazoo, by Calibre from an ASH mare. I have ridden for professional German barns on horses from Europe’s leading sires.

Cazoo will do me any day. Watch out for him in 2008. I am pleased to support the Australian Warmblood breeding industry.

Melanie Wyeth Swing Time Cazoo

Swing Time Sabre

Swing Time Sabre

I purchased Swing Time Sabre aka Squiggles from another person. When I found out where he was breed I contacted you.

Squiggles is the most perfect horse. Very trainable, People  friendly and easy to handle in every way. Very cute.

At our first dressage competition he won his test with the highest score of the day even though it was only a prep test . He was very well behaved.

I would have no hesitation to purchase another horse from you or to recommend other people to contact you .

Anita Dernee Swing Time Sabre

What People Say about Swing Time Services

We met Sandra in 2009 when I was searching for a horse for my daughter.

Sandra found a horse for Jane, a quarter horse x TB. Jane was a beginner rider and ‘Sylvester’ was fairly green which normally isn’t an ideal combination. Sandra saw the potential of both horse and rider and guided Jane over the next three years until, sadly, we had to retire Sylvester due to lameness issues.

Sandra was a positive influence on Jane and taught her not only how to ride but how to educate her horse. It wasn’t easy for Jane as we lived in town and couldn’t have her horse with us. She was unable to ride every day as I was a shift worker so it wasn’t an ideal situation to be trying to train a green horse and a beginner rider. Sandra to her credit was very accommodating and adjusted her coaching to suit Jane’s circumstances. Sylvester stayed with Sandra for a week and the transformation in him was amazing.

It was such a joy to watch the transformation of both horse and rider under Sandra’s very knowledgeable guidance. Jane and Sylvester achieved a score of over 70% on their last dressage test they did together and both Jane and I agree that this would not have been possible if Jane didn’t have Sandra’s help, guidance and encouragement.

My daughter no longer rides but I do and I am enjoying the lessons I have once a fortnight with Sandra. Sandra’s patience and understanding of the individual needs of riders and their horses is what makes Sandra a wonderful coach.

Sue and Jane Walker Sylvester

Thanks Sandra.  I am so grateful for everything you’ve done in training both Sunny and I.

I had serious doubts that we would ever be able to reach our goal but your persistence and patience was amazing.   I also appreciate how well you explained everything to me so that I could understand it, and then put it in practice at home.

After 20 years out of competition I really wasn’t sure that I would ever be able to return, but for the first time in a very long time I am excited about the prospect of getting back into the arena.  Again, none of this would have been possible without you, and I can’t thank you enough.

Helen Adamson Sunny


Ollie &
Samantha Watt

I purchased Ollie as a 3 year old, and have been receiving  schooling with Sandra since 2011.

Prior to us discovering Sandra and her methods, I had a  then 5 year old horse with an incredibly long list of issues, both physically  and mentally, prone to temper tantrums, shying, pig rooting & general  unpleasantness. The trainer that we were working with at the time was doing us  no favours, and there were more times than I would like to admit that I would  see Ollie finish a session with blood on his body somewhere.

It got to the point where my kind, forgiving Quarter Horse  x Pony would refuse to move forward, even at a walk. One day the trainer’s wife  rode him for me, as he was far too much of a handful for my shot confidence, and  I was told he was dangerous with little to no brakes & a terrible  mouth.

I started to have mild panic attacks at the thought of  riding, even when I was nowhere near a horse. We were getting nowhere and I was  no longer enjoying my favorite hobby of riding.

Enter Sandra Trott and Swing Time Performance  Horses.

I have known Sandra for quite some time and have seen  first-hand some of her pupils ride, with beautiful soft hands, a light seat and  willing horse – just an overall picture that is a pleasure to watch. It just so  happened that I was chatting with Sandra one day on the phone about the problems  I was having under saddle. Sandra stepped me through her suggested plan of  attack over the phone and on our next ride  I followed her instructions to  the letter. By the end of that ride I was working with a different horse and I  felt like I had a shred of confidence return. I quickly made plans to send Ollie  4 hours south to Sandra for live-in schooling.

Over the next 10 months Ollie stayed with Sandra and I  drove down every weekend for lessons. I couldn’t believe the changes in his  overall demeanor and his try hard work ethic was returning. It was clear that he  wasn’t overly trusting, as it took quite some months to un-do all of the  incorrect training.

Sending Ollie and myself to Sandra was the absolute  turning point for us. I began to enjoy my riding again, learnt how to handle his  tantrums, ride with soft hands, use my seat – the list of things is honestly  endless. I can confidently say though, that it has completely changed not only  my outlook on riding, but my relationship with my horses. As a coach, Sandra has  the ability to know when to push you and when to offer that extra support if you  feel overwhelmed or scared. Not many coaches that I have met have the skill to  balance those key ingredients like Sandra does. I trust her judgement implicitly  – she has changed our lives!

Since then, we have competed at multiple Agricultural and  Breed Shows, including Newcomer Horse of The Year – we have come home with  ribbons at every outing.

While it certainly is not always about a piece of ribbon –  it sure is great to have a kind, willing & responsive horse to compete with.  There is no greater feeling than that of a butter-like connection through your  reins and a whole lot of power through your seat!

I would recommend anyone looking for a better relationship & understanding with their horse – get lessons with Sandra.

If you want to learn how to get the best out of your horse  in a kind manner – get lessons with Sandra.

If you want to improve your skills and build (or rebuild!)  your confidence – get lessons with Sandra!

It will be the best decision your riding experience has  ever had!

Samantha Watt Ollie

Alice and Cherokee

Cherokee &
Alice Bassett

I have found Sandra Trott to be one of the nicest coaches that one could find.  She is happy to coach you at whatever level you and your horse are at.  She is very knowledgeable in all
disciplines of riding and always makes me feel relaxed and comfortable.  I can ask her anything and I am never made to feel awkward or that I should perhaps already have that knowledge, considering I have had a horse for quite some time now.

The one thing that has made Sandra stand out from the rest is her ability to work with you. She is not there to try and change you into the Grand National champion, but coaches at a level that is individual to your needs and in terms you can understand. Sandra is a wonderful coach and her love and respect for horses is expressed in her guidance and teaching as she helps us all to be better horsemen.

Alice Bassett Cherokee

Kerri and Oz now

Kerri Grevell &

What a difference you can see from when I first bought Ozzie till now. He now has muscles developed in all the right places. When I first bought him, he was a 6yr old polo cross horse. I knew it was going to be a challenge because of where he had come from to school him to become round, and to teach both myself and Ozzie how to achieve what I call correct riding. In years to come, I want to have a horse that is going to last many years of riding, and won’t be worn out before he is 15 years of age and cranky from incorrect riding, ill-fitting saddles etc. So I needed a professional trainer to help me achieve these goals.

Sandra has been with me all along the way of my riding years. I was a late starter in my riding life, and my first horse was an older beginner pony, and we went as far as we could go, before his retirement years. Sandra has taught me everything I know, and has given me confidence, guiding me to achieve our goals together, and really love’s the benefits of trail riding as well.

Unfortunately I have had to have a break from riding for nearly 12 months due to work injury. So Sandra has been able to keep Ozzie going for me, schooling him. Ozzie had his very first show doing dressage and cross country this year, with Sandra riding him, and I was blown away, as he came 2nd in dressage, and first in cross country! I have never met anyone so commented, devoted and hard working as Sandra and I know she really enjoys it. It is a real credit to her, of where we are now, both for myself and my horses, as we wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for Sandra.  I am looking forward to getting back in the saddle, many more lessons with Sandra, and some good belly laughs along the way, as I never stop learning. Anyone looking to have riding lessons, or needing your horse schooled, I would strongly recommend Sandra, she is AWESOME!

Kerri Grevell Ozzie